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The Picky Fingers Banjo Podcast

Jan 6, 2021


January 6, 2021 would have been Earl Scruggs's 97th birthday. To pay tribute, many today's top players have recorded their personal memories, stories, and wisdom that they've gotten from Earl over the years. Enjoy!

Featuring (in order): Eric Gibson, Ron Block, Lloyd Douglas, Terry Baucom, Hilary Hawke, Steve Dilling, Ira Gitlin, Ned Luberecki, John Mark Batchelor, Gina Furtado, Russ Carson, Alan Munde, Steven Moore, Casey Henry, Nick Hornbuckle, Derek Vaden, Ben Krakauer, Pete Wernick, Gabe Hirshfeld, Steve Cooley, Mark Cassidy, and Butch Robins.


Sponsored by Peghead Nation and Elderly Instruments