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The Picky Fingers Banjo Podcast

Mar 5, 2018

The first full episode of The Picky Fingers Banjo Podcast! Hosted by Keith Billik. Recorded 2/1/18.

In this episode, Keith talks to Davey Jones, the banjo player for the popular indie-folk band Frontier Ruckus. They discuss Davey's approach to his role in this not-very-bluegrassy band, his onstage banjo setup, his various other projects and influences, and more.

This podcast contains an excerpt from the Frontier Ruckus song "Positively Freaking,” written by Matthew Milia, from the album “Enter the Kingdom.”

Frontier Ruckus on the web:


Davey's personal web page:


The song Davey describes called “Foggy Mountain Landscape” is available for free download here:


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